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Our organization ‘Late Vasantrao Chandorkar Smruti Pratishthan’ is a no profit no loss charitable trust registered with the charity commissioner located in the city of Jalgaon, Dist. Jalgaon in the state of Maharashtra. Ever since its inception in the year 2001 the trust has been dedicated to preservation, promotion and passing on to the next generation the great Indian heritage of performing arts of classical music and dance. Recognising that the rural as well as the urban population of the somewhat backward districts of Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar in the North Maharashtra region were deprived from the enjoyment and enrichment offered by the¬† rich traditional forms of Indian classical music and dance we started with a focus on bringing these arts to the deprived masses by

? Organising public concerts in the form of a three day annual festival by the name of

? Repute rendered their compositions in classical music and dance. Beyond our initial expectations this kindled so much interest in the local audiences that this festival has been conducted regularly for the past ten years with ever growing success and received acclaim from the audiences, performing artists as well as the media.

? Organising one day concerts during rest of the year promoting upcoming artists in the fields of classical, semi classical music and classical dance as well as folk music.

? Conducting competitions on district and state levels for the students of classical and semi classical music to offer them a platform and boosting the confidence of deserving and accomplished aspirants.

? Conducting workshops wherein well known artists/teachers from metro cities visited periodically to Jalgaon and taught  local students on a regular basis.

? Collaborating with other government and nongovernment organisations like South central cultural zone, National centre for performing arts. Sawai Gandharva Mahotsav trust.

All the above activities have been highly successful and created confidence in the organisations to widen their scope of activities. Besides continuing their effort in the field of Music & dance the trust now wants to work for

? Betterment of women and weaker sections of the society

? Tree plantations

? Promoting other fine art forms like sculpture, painting etc.

Awards, grants, financial support in other forms and interactive collaborative offers from other organisation with similar motives and aspirations will be extremely helpful in furthering our efforts to build a better tomorrow for our forthcoming generations.