About late Pt. Vasantrao Chandorkar  


vasantrao chandorkar
A renowned Classical Vocalist Pt. Vishnubuwa Bhakhale , began a music academy named as ‘Gayan Samaj’ at Jalgaon for propagation of Vocal Musical skill. The storehouse of classical compositions by Pt. Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale and Pt. Krishnarao Fulambriakr was opened for the learners of Indian Classical Music. In the Jaipur Lineage (gharana) of Classical Music Rangopant Karkare and Dinkar Khanwale developed as able teachers (Guru) for imparting this skill in vocal music. It was in such a musical backdrop that young Vasantrao, son of Mr. Govindrao Chandorkar, a leading advocate from Dhule and contemporary of great historian Mr. Rajwade, arrived in Jalgaon for his schooling education. The headmaster of the school happened to hear him singing a poem in the class. Deeply impressed by the rich quality of rendering, the headmaster acted quickly. And the boy began his lessons in Classical Vocal Music under the tutelage of Mr. Rangopant Karkare. It was not long before he developed as a vocalist of distinction in his own right. After a classical vocal musical programme broadcast from All India Radio, Mumbai , on 29th March 1949, Pt.. Vasantrao Chandorkar rose to fame as a distinguished classical vocalist. Pt. Vasantrao continued to be a highly sought-after AIR artist until 1996 when he suffered a severe paralytic attack losing his voice. During his long career as music maestro, Pt. Vasantrao wore many hats. A man of singular combination of talents, he played tabla while presenting / practicing vocal composition, an immensely difficult feat. In classical musical drama he would not only sing the songs as an actor but also compose music for the plays. As a music teacher he taught several aspirants for free. He was highly respected for his in-depth assessments of performances in classical vocal music and musical play competitions. But he is remembered most for his compositions in uncommon and less explored difficult ragas like Bhatiyar, Pradeepika, Madhmad Sarang, Shivmat Bhairav, Gopika Vasant etc. The celestial quality of his rendition could be explained only by accepting that this extraordinary singer was the recipient of instinctive innate genius of vocal music. Pt. Vasantrao Chandorkar left for his heavenly abode on 8th July 2001, leaving behind an unfillable void in the field of classical music. His family, relatives and friends, moved by this irretrievable loss, decided to work for keeping his memory and music alive. Artists and connoisseurs of music, businessmen, and industrialists, social workers and common people, institutions and organizations alike chipped in their support to make this worthy cause a success.